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Sensei Jorge J. Angulo
Chief Instructor TenShin Dojo - Miami

"... And last but the not least, we would like to send a special hello to TenShin-Miami and Seagal Sensei's biggest fan Suzi Wong.
Suzi has the best Steven Seagal fan sites with the coolest pictures.."
March 22, 2004 

"New Steven Seagal Fan Site
TenShin Dojo Miami's friend and Steven Seagal's #1 fan Suziwong has done it again. Our friend Suzi has created a great fan site in English with many great pictures. We usually do not endorse Seagal Sensei fan sites but Suzi really does a great job and she has been a constant supoorter of TenShin Dojo Miami and Seagal Sensei.."
November 9, 2004

Sensei Luis Santos
President & Founder of  TenShin Aikido Federation 
Chief Instructor TenShin Dojo - Orlando
"Suzi Wong Steven Seagal's #1 fan has completed her web site! with many great pictures! Suzi really did a great job and she is a great supporter of T.A.F., Seagal Shihan and his current aikido instructors."
December 4, 2004

Mr. Tenzin Chophak / (Mr. Michael P. McManus)
Tulku Shereb Gyaltsen Rinponche
"I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful website dedicated to my dear friend and Dharma Brother, Take Sensei/Terton Rinpoche Steven Seagal.  I have known Steven for over 10 years now and have shared many times with him at his home in L.A. as well as spending time in India and Nepal (where we have the same Buddhist teachers.)  I am a Buddhist monk, having been ordained by HH the Dalai Lama.  I have lived at Namdroling Monastery in south India. I am back in the USA now, pursuing my Ph.D. here at Stanford University in Buddhist Psychology.  I last met with Steven back in late October 2003, just before I left for Thailand to do a meditation retreat.  I thank you again for putting together such a wonderful site dedicated to a dear friend, a teacher and my mentor. Blessings, Tenzin"
May 18, 2004

Sensei Glenn Odle 
Student of Steven Seagal Shihan 
Aikido of Idaho
"I want to thank you for having such a wonderful site for Steven Seagal Sensei.. "
September 8, 2004

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