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Special Thanks to Yannick Boutot for this video clip

Who is Steven Seagal ?

Real Name: Steven F. Seagal
Date of Birth: April 10, 1951 Lansing-Michigan
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California Fullerton College
First Professional Role:
Nico-Above the Law (Dedective Nico Toscani)
Astrological Sign:
Sun is Aries Moon in Gemini
Height: 6.5 = 
1.98 m
Hair: Dark Brown

Mother: Patricia Seagal, nurse
Father: Stephen Seagal, Teacher
3 (one elder, two younger)



Son: Take Kentaro;

1976, actor,model;  Mother: Miyako Fujitani
Daughter: Ayako Fujitani;

1979; actress; Mother: Miyako Fujitani

Daughter: Annaliza;

1987; Mother:  Kelly LeBrock
Son: Dominic San Rocco;

21 June1990; Mother: Kelly LeBrock

24 July 1993; Mother: Kelly LeBrock

Daughter: Savannah;

September 2, 1996; Mother: Arisa Wolf

Son: Kunzang

September 17, 2009; Mother: Elle Seagal





Wife: Miyako Fujitani ;

1948; Aikido Instructor, Dojo owner

1974 - 1987 (Divorced)


Wife: Adrienne La Russa; - (Annulled)


Wife:  Kelly LeBrock;

Model,Actress, Dior Top Model ; 

1987 - 1996 (Divorced)


Relationship: Arisa Wolf; 

1995 - Not married  


Wife:  Elle Seagal;





Baby Kunzang, Elle Seagal, Steven Seagal

Baby Kunzang

Mrs.Elle Seagal



He was born in Lansing – Michigan on 10 April 1951. His mother was a nurse and his father was a teacher. The family moved to Fullerton when he was five.  His interest in martial arts started at the age of five.


As he grew up he went to Japan and there he had the chance to study martial arts and to learn about their philosophy. He especially worked on Buddhism and Zen. Learned the languages of the Far East and started to read and write in these languages. He married Miyako Fujitani in Japan in 1975. Also the same year he became the first foreigner who opened a Dojo in Japan.

Steven Seagal in Osaka - Japan


He received the name "Shigemichi Take" (Pathway to Prosperity) in the Aikido World. He has been almost every place in the Far East. It is said that he used to work for CIA in those days but there is no confirmation.


He visited USA for a couple of times during those years. In 1982 he opened a school on Martial Arts at West Hollywood called “TenShin Dojo”. Besides he made the choreography of martial arts in many of the Hollywood Films. He met with Mike Ovitz who became his manager later, which opened a new page in his life… Hollywood.

His career as an actor started with a spectacular film called “ Nico – Above The Law”. A big number of people watched the film in Los Angeles.

Nico - Above The Law (1988)

The movie fans met this handsome huge man with a different charisma and his ponytail in enthusiasm and film did very good in the box-office.

New era has started in the action movies:


“ Steven Seagal ”..


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